You Realize That Was A Real Live Person In There, Right?

Seems that adoption isn’t always about the adoptive parents, it’s about self proclaimed birthmothers too.  Just not about adoptees.  Check out this entry from  This old bitch can work up a whine the most entitled adoptive parent would envy.

First our self proclaimed bithmother draws a never before explored parallel between New Jersey and sucking.  What wit this gal has got.

I bet that Matthew Roberts, birthson of Charles Manson, is so thrilled that he looked into his family tree!

Yeah great lady, make a snarky comment about the adoptee, it’s not we are real live people or anything.

So, apparently the State of NJ is looking to open up sealed adoption records.

Yeah, we know.  I’d like to thank you in advance for blessing us with your opinion.

She then goes on to give us her own personal take on how all this works.  Thanks again.

I love shit like this.  You entered a contract that stipulates you will have no contact with your birthson/daughter after he/she is born.  Period.  End of story.  These arguments are always couched in the context of adoptees wanting to know their medical history, despite the fact that this information is often available to them.  The problem with this legislation is two-fold.  First, it “would give adult adoptees, adoptive parents of a minor or descendants of a deceased adoptee access to their original birth certificates” and secondly, “it would provide birth parents a one-time 12-month period to ask the state to remove their names and addresses from the documents.”

Hey, I didn’t sign anything.  And guess what, I’m to big for my mommie to make me stay away from the registrars office.

And she knows everybody who is anybody.  Funny she wasn’t on my guest list for my last party.  Hmmmmmmm….

In addition to that background, I’ve also known a few adoptees, even fewer birthparents, and I’m sure I’ve encountered an adoptive parent or two in my time.  Needless to say, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the process.

Then this…

With all that being said, there is absolutely no reason to need your original birth certificate with information such as your birth parent’s name(s) unless you are seeking contact with them.

Oh really.  Gee I’d like to have it just because it’s my right.  And honey, unless you know any real good spiritual mediums, I ain’t going to be getting in contact with my birth parents anytime soon.


I understand wanting to know about your medical history.  This will probably get me in trouble with my parents if they should ever stumble upon my blog, but fuck it, I’m disclosing it anyway.

No, I don’t think you do understand.  And grow the fuck up, you’re too old to be afraid of mommy and daddy anymore.  Are you afraid they would wash your mouth out with soap over your language, or realize you’re not a virgin anymore?

And oh it goes on….

(And given that Libertarian Boyfriend is Jewish, that could potentially pose a problem.)

OK, I understand the bias against Libertarians, but why is Jewish a problem?

Additionally, my shitbag ex never signed our biological son’s birth certificate.  All my birthson has to go by is the minimal information he filled out on the paperwork, and no legal acknowledgment of his being a biological parent.  (My memory is a little fuzzy, but I am not so certain that he ever even signed away his parental rights.)

So is he a shitbag or just a libertarian, pick one, and lay off the booze.

Using me as an example, if my birthson were to contact me, all I could tell him is “sorry dude, I’ve got no clue!”

Yeah, we see that, clearly.

This is followed by a lot more whining that really doesn’t need my comment.  It’s too poor-me drama soaked to get through with Dramamine.  Read that tripe at you own risk.  It basically comes down to how horribly she was treated, even though she can’t remember it.

Oh and the life of an adoptee is all happy and perfect.  She knows that.  People have told her, even though she doesn’t really care.

And she ends on this note..

No matter how you slice it, your voice is no longer heard.  And that’s one of the biggest problems surrounding the general topic of adoption.

No shit Sherlock, on that we can agree. 


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